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Who are we?

We believe life is meant for exploring, riding, and doing things that make you the happiest! So grab your gear, your favourite swimwear and get out there!


At Abalone, we have made it our mission to provide women with everything they need for their next trip to the beach, or their next session. Whether you just chill on the beach or by the pool, or practice any water sport such as Surf, Kitesurf, or other water activity, there is something for you here.


We offer high-end and sustainable products such as swimsuits, wetsuits, apparels, and accessories that are ethically manufactured.


Only small and limited quantities to our products are proposed which enable us to focus on applying the most sustainable and high quality production processes. 


Our designs are proudly designed in Mauritius, a small Indian Ocean island, located off the eastern coast of Africa. Our products are authentic, creative and innovative to ensure you are always looking your absolute best!


As women, children of the ocean, athletes, board riders and outdoor enthusiasts, we CARE about our carbon footprint and the environment. We want what is best for us and for the next generation to come. Therefore, we are using environmentally friendly and sustainable alternatives to conventional fabrics!


Browse our site to see what we have in stock, and what we can do for you today. :)

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Water women and sustainability are at the core of our brand.


Our designs are thought out and conceived so that all women can feel beautiful and more confident about themselves. 


Here, at Abalone, we are committed to provide comfort, style, and function to our products while using the highest sustainable materials.



As we believe in a better future for our planet and for the next generations to come, we are using highly sustainable materials for our products.


Tested in real conditions

Our products are tested in real-life conditions to ensure they are efficient, of high quality and that they meet your expectations.



We are shipping all over the world*. 

*Shipping costs and time vary depending on the location.


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Customer Support

We are here to help you! 

Drop us a line via our contact form. We'll get back to you ASAP, don't worry!


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